Maybe it’s not problem skin but problem products

Maybe it’s not problem skin but problem products

Disposable cleansing wipes may not be the best option for sensitive or reddened skin issues because there are multiple chemical ingredients, synthetic fragrance and additives to keep them moist, and for shelf-life longevity.  Wiping these ingredients on your face may not be suitable for all skin types and potentially harsh on skin, causing irritation and sensitivity from the cocktail of additives.  These additives strip the skin of its natural oils and can alter the pH balance of skin, which is a definite no no for our sensitives out there!  Another point is the impact on our environment basically buying a single use product that ultimately ends up in landfill?

It’s a vicious cycle of unnecessary cost on a regular basis, and we get it, what else is there to use that’s convenient?

Redevineskin has redefined make up removal with our All-in-One Face Cloth which is no ordinary face cloth - it’s just as convenient, cleans skin, gently exfoliates and removes makeup with only water!

The innovation is in the cloths microfibre design that has a very high thread count making it extremely soft for facial use, yet powerful enough capturing impurities and make-up within every fibre, just by adding water and wiping off.  Our All in One Face Cloths are non-toxic, convenient and cost effective because they are re-usable (up to 100 washes), no cleansers required - just add water, saving you loads of money and best of all reducing the wastage on our environment.

After the first use, you will feel your skin is softer and see the difference of cleaner skin, what’s not to love!

Check out our All-in-One Face Cloths (5 pack) for only $19.99 at