About Us

About Us

Redevineskin is about changing unrealistic standards, empowering by challenging the beauty norms with gender neutral skincare for all skin types.

Our mission is skincare that’s made to feel good, by improving overall skin appearance, maintaining it and being easily accessible for everyone.

We believe you don’t need multiple products to address multiple concerns. Which is why we developed an uncomplicated skincare range with active key ingredients that work towards healthier looking skin

redevineskin products are Australian made

  • Paraben Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No artificial colours 
  • Cruelty Free 


We also believe fresh is best by retaining product efficacy using airless pump dispensers, for clean measured application.

Designed to complement all routines.  An easy, practical approach of effective skincare, improving the way skin looks and feels for all genders and skin types.

Because skincare doesn’t define us, but we can redevineskin

About Me

Having suffered with re-active skin for decades, my skin was a cycle of dry, redness, flakiness, oily........ Repeat.  Then acne would rear its ugly head every month.

It was my normal to have irritated, sensitive skin and it took 30 years to realise it wasn’t my skin that was the problem but the majority of products I was using. Having researched I found certain additives, shelf-life preservatives, oils and synthetic fragrances is what triggered my skin irritation. 

I tried to find products that were truly clean and didn’t contain any nasties, yet promoted balance and an overall complexion improvement. 

My search was futile, it either had one additive or all additives?  

On top of this, my son was entering his teens and suffering from acne.  The products available for him were too harsh causing dryness so he had to stop using any products because it would just irritate him. My husband started growing a beard and was getting redness and dry flaky skin, no amount of beard wash or oil would address these new issues.

It shouldn’t be this hard for anyone to navigate the skincare world for good, clean products. 

Which is how redevineskin was created, an easily accessible skincare line for all skin types.  Designed to complement any routine with a practical approach of uncomplicated, yet effective skincare, combining high concentrations of active key ingredients and topical vitamins for radiant, healthier looking skin.

Ultimately everyone has individual skin concerns and what works for some, may not work for others, yet I don’t believe in gender exclusion because good quality products should be available to everyone.

redevineskin is a family owned and used product, which focuses on the balance, promoting healthier looking skin.

I hope you love redevineskin as much as our family does!


Dafne Devine

owner of redevineskin